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When it comes to charitable works, Leonard Latchman, President and Founder of LDL Corp., keeps one philosophy dear: Giving gives meaning to our lives.

Mr. Latchman, a prominent Canadian Businessman and Financier, is a Toronto Bay Street veteran of independent investment banking firms. A Toronto native, he completed his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and made his first foray into the realm of finance and investment banking in 1980. Before long, he was Senior Vice President at Yorkton Securities, Inc. where he helped grow the firm from a staff of 50 to 500 employees across Canada and Europe.

Mr. Latchman founded Taurus Capital Markets in 1997. A privately held boutique investment bank with over 50 employees, Taurus was ranked as one of the top five technology investment banks in Canada in 2000. Under his leadership as CEO, Taurus Capital Markets division participated in over a billion dollars of private and public financings, leading in excess of $350 million. "I have been fortunate to experience great health, prosperity and happiness in my life," Latchman proclaims, "but all of that would be meaningless without giving something back". He sold the company in 2002 allowing him to more fully embrace his philosophy of responsible corporate citizenry that business leaders must devote ample time and energy to philanthropic endeavours.

I have been fortunate to experience great health, prosperity and happiness in my life, all of which would be meaningless without giving something back.
Mr. Latchman is a passionate advocate of charities that work to improve the lives of children, and derives much of his inspiration from a deeply held belief that he is promoting fiscally responsible organizations. Leonard actively supports multiple charities, including The Make a Wish Foundation and Baycrest’s Health and Science Center for Aging. He is also a director and supporter of The Canadian Centre for Diversity, a national educational charity that informs and educates Canadians about the value of diversity, difference and inclusion.

Shortly after Mr. Latchman established LDL Corp. in 2002, to focus on sharing his expertise with both "buy side" and corporate clients, his son, a special needs student, had an emergency appendectomy at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. The event put Mr. Latchman inside the HSC not just as a donor, but also as a father. "You can’t help but be transformed when you’re walking through those facilities". Relying on an established network of private and institutional investors, along with years of experience as a strategic business advisor, Mr. Latchman has already succeeded in making LDL Corp. another highly profitable business. But alongside his business, he has made Toronto’s world-renowned Hospital for Sick Children one of his most important charities.

Unlike many philanthropists, charity work for Mr. Latchman is not limited to simply writing a check. Over the years, he has tirelessly devoted his time and energy to this work and is often the most involved player in planning events and fundraisers. After appearing on multiple radio talk shows with Maple Leafs’ fan favorite, Tie Domi, the two realized they share a passion in philanthropy. Together they joined forces and developed "The Friends of Tie Domi" network. Leonard proceeded to spearhead a group of friends and local business leaders to raise money, and along with a sizeable contribution from Mr. Domi, the network donated a stunning $1 Million in Domi’s name to the Hospital for Sick Children. The contribution funded a massive overhaul of the hospital’s rehabilitation center, which provides care to over 60,000 children per year.

Meanwhile, serving on the advisory board of the 2007 Playing For Good Philanthropic Summit, Mr. Latchman worked to bring together more than six hundred select international guests to Mallorca, Spain for a PFG held summit. He, along with a multitude of other world-renowned philanthropists conducted a round table discussion on the economic, social and political issues surrounding the world's most vulnerable children and families. Money raised from the event went to charities such as Millennium Promise, Spread the Net, Keep a Child Alive and The Hawn Foundation.

In 2008 Mr. Latchman helped form Avid Life Media, an online lifestyle company that has grown tenfold since its inception. Most recently, in 2011, he became part of the executive team that founded Enthrive Inc., an organization whose mission is to help families and individuals achieve their weight loss and lifestyle goals through proper balanced nutrition and supervised weight loss.

Looking to the future, Leonard Latchman is enthusiastic about the idea of retiring from business in order to devote all his time and energy to full time philanthropic work. But for the time being, "I still enjoy the game of working with entrepreneurs in the fields of technology and resources. Investing in their dreams and business plans is still a passion. As rewarding as the culmination of a good business deal may be, it pales to the intrinsic rewards afforded all of us by doing some good for others. Connecting my friends and business associates, mobilizing volunteers and corporations all with the goal of aiding children in need brings more fulfillment than the largest check I ever cashed in the world of business".